P.A.W #2 is now live!


Okayyyy soooo nobody cares, but for my own sanity at least, here without any further ado is issue #2 of P.A.W, now up on the site for you to read – been a looooong time coming and real life has rather pushed this whole project way down my priority list – does this mean you’ll ever see issue #3? Well, never say never right? RIGHT?

P.A.W at Thought Bubble 2014

Royal-Armouries-map-1 copy copy

IT’S OVER 9000!!!! D:

Ahem… so, ‘tis the season for Thought Bubble map graphics and myself and my delightful table buddy Zak Simmonds-Hurn are not above this fine tradition – that lady with the nice shoulder pads in the infographic provided will hopefully be admiring our fine collection of stuff and things in the Royal Armouries Hall this weekend, including some sexy postcards if they arrive on time (last min? MOI?) and plenty of issues of P.A.W for your delectation!

Come say hi why not! :)

Issue 2 coming in glorious technicolor!

Alex-Issue-2-preview-2-loresHi all – quick update to say I haven’t forgotten about you all but real life has rather annoyingly taking my focus away from this project of late! For any of you still keeping tabs, I’ve started finalising colours for the pages in Issue 2 which means we’re inching closer to a launch on the site – if you’d like to pick up one of the printed editions of either issues 0, 1 or 2, I hope to be announcing later in the year which conventions I’ll be attending and where you can grab a copy – meantime here’s Alex being distracted from the events of Issue 1… Want to find out what those were? Well go check out issue 1 already!


P.A.W Issue #2 Debuts at Thought Bubble 2013


PAW-issue-2-at-thought-bubble-2013Update time at last, and for a change it’s not excuses as to how woefully behind I am working on issue #2 because it’s all printed and stapled, ready to make it’s official debut at Leeds Thought Bubble on the 23rd and 24th November 2013 – woo! Here’s the offcial blurb for issue #2:

“Launching issue #2 of P.A.W protection Against Wrongdoers at Thought Bubble 2013, artist and writer Chris Gould invites readers to explore the city of Puppville, a place where until recently, Canines and Felines had been living together in a delicate balance of power – when that balance was destroyed and the fur started to fly, Canine Alex Stix became caught up in events that would place her in the protective custody of a mysterious group calling themselves P.A.W, via agents Bones and Spot.

So just who are these guys? What is this organisation they work for and why was Alex of such interest to both the agents and the new Feline mayoral candidate Joseph King? Meanwhile, will the police cope with the darstardly new supervillain making their debut in downtown Puppville and what help can Alex be to the situation? Find out in issue #2 of P.A.W: Protection Against Wrongdoers! For more info please visit www.pawcomic.com

Super excited and terrified to see what people think of the new issue – I think Spot’s general demeanour there is pretty reflective of my feelings on the situation currently! Come chat to me why not at table #60 in New Dock Hall to see what all the fuss is about, and while you’re there be sure to have a chit chat with my usual partners in crime Matthew Bramble and Zak Simmonds-Hurn who’ll be launching new comics too – huzzahs! :)

I’ve not made one of these before, but given the size of Thought Bubble with it’s 3 (yes 3!) halls of amazingness, I figured it might be an idea to point curious visitors in our general direction:

Thoughtbubble2013-planSo, if you’d like to come sample the work of me, Mr. Chris Gould, Mr.Zak Simmonds-Hurn, and the rt hon Mr. Matthew Bramble you can now find us all keen as mustard sitting at the front of the class… we might even be giving you a cheery wave as you walk in the entrance, ‘cos we’re nice/desperate like that!



P.A.W’s First Official Fanart!

20130908_110008Wowzers, finally found time to come up for air after a looooooooooooog weekend of conventioning in Bedford at the Northants International Comic Exhibition. A big thank you to all the cool people who stopped by to chat with me and request sketches from me – I hope you all enjoyed your purchases :)

An especially big thank you to the very awesome Kayleigh, who liked my sketch of Alex that I drew free with her purchase of the comic so much, she decided to return the favour and make me my very first official bit of P.A.W fanart which you can see below!

kayleigh-fanart-smallI love it Kayleigh, I’m super pleased with it and I especially love her cool outfit you’ve designed! Hope to see more artwork from you in the future! :)

So with N.I.C.E 2013 now been and gone, the focus moves onto Leeds Thought Bubble and all the exciting people I’m going to meet there – I’m hoping to have good news about issue #2 in the coming weeks as well – November seems simultaniously too far away and not far enough! 😉

P.A.W at N.I.C.E 2013


Just a reminder that people travelling to the N.I.C.E convention this weekend will find me there also nestled into one of the tables, peddling my wares on P.A.W: Protection Against Wrongdoers like a fool possessed. (which is not far off of the truth in fact!) As well as printed comic packs of Issues #0 and #1, there are standee figures (like the one above!) and badges on sale, along with FREE stickers and sketches available upon request. If all that still wasn’t enough there will even be some sneaky peeks at the progress of issue #2, even if that’s just me frantically drawing it behind the table! :)

It’s my first time at N.I.C.E and I’m super excited/pooping myself about meeting the folk of the Bedford Corn Exchange and of course hanging out with my jolly good pals Matthew Bramble and Zak Simmonds-Hurn once again – I hope to see a few familiar faces there and also make a whole bunch of new aquaintences over the weekend!

So be nice… er… gentle with us, but please come along and join us wont you? It would be ni…ummm… great to see you! :)

Happy Birthday to me!

PAW issue 2 sneak peek!

Hullo strangers! Been a few months since my last update, but the Bristol comics convention was fantastic fun and I hope a few of you I made contact with are still checking back here from time to time! :)

Today is special as today marks both my birthday (Twenty-AHEM if you must know!), and the next phase of development on P.A.W #2 reaching completion. Above is a sneak peak at the rough layouts for the first page of issue 2, and the next 15 pages are plotted and ready to be refined, poked, prodded and scribbled on to get them to final artwork stage.

So, unsurprisingly I guess, still a long way to go, but progress is slowly being made! :)
Hope everyone is having a great summer, I’m off to celebrate my birthday and then hopefully get to work on P.A.W tommorrow, without too much of a hangover (ha!)! 😉

P.A.W at Bristol Comics Expo 2013

The PAW SymbolGreetings P.A.W fans! (All two of you – hello Mum!)

As the Bristol Comic Expo looms ever closer, (11-12th May diary types!) just thought I’d let you know that P.A.W will be having a presence at the show again this year. You’ll find me nuzzled next to the usual suspects in the form of Zak Simmonds-Hurn & Matthew Bramble (Ne Smith) and I’ll be selling issues #0 and #1 once again along with maybe a few extra goodies…I’ll also be using the time in between (hopefully) bountiful sales to get on with roughing out the pages for #2 – so if you’d like to come see a sneaky peak at the upcoming issue you can come along to Bristol to watch it develop live as it happens BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES! Hope to see a few familiar faces there and to make some new friends! Will you be coming along to say hi?

Cheer up Robyn…


A quick Sketch of Alex and Robyn!Oh dear, poor Robyn, why in such a grump? worried your starring role has come and gone already? Well I know we’ll be seeing more of you again soon, so dont fret – and I should know, I’ve seen the thumbnails for issue 2! :)

Of course when you’ll get to see it is anyones guess… :S

Scribble scribble…